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More Than a Two in one key

I still have the holy holiday and enjoying lots of music at home. This time one of the new donated by musician friends such as the first solo work of Braña Aaron Zapico (1978): "Phantasia" . It is curious that the previous post commenting on disc, which does not usually do, were also two of his colleagues in the Department of key of CONSMUPA , but recognize that the educational level but not as emanating Oviedo art is international. In the case of most of the Zapico provided with very clear ideas , has succeeded to the Conservatory the key figure in the educational provision, which is a milestone we should all feel proud, not to mention the Academy of Ancient Music Gijon (AMAG ) that is proving a reference not in the teaching but even in the concert .
work and love for early music of Brothers Zapico is to write at length, years of study, preparation (many outside Spain), research, and strives to consolidate training from Asturias is winning everywhere they go. As a recent "achievements" of Form Antiqva highlight the signing of exclusive contract with the prestigious German label Winter & Winter , their involvement in the Watershed SMR 2010, "The Poppea "in Campoamor (for some critics very remarkable and unforgettable especially ) manage to have headquarters in the Auditorium of Oviedo as a whole resident, and his upcoming performance at the International Festival of Music and Dance where it passes through the Auditorio Manuel de Falla on July 7 (San Fermin) at 22:30 also be taken to CD nothing less than a "reinterpretation" Asturias Stations of Vivaldi with Aaron Zapico own directing from the harpsichord with violinist carbayón Aitor Hevia soloist. The program, which begins with the Sinfonia per archi 111th RV, and advances that "The group will face a challenge in Granada, a new approach to the very famous Vivaldi Four Seasons , who, knowing the history of the old productions, including a standard is a generous and creative improvisational component, will undoubtedly be full of surprises ".
This magnificent solo recording and is a great review of Cosme Marina in LNE entitled "Unstoppable" , because really that is the path of these brothers, with the first captaining a project that does not stop them continuing their work as soloists and disc is proof of that, recorded when "Concerto Zapico" in the Chamber Hall of Girona Auditorium during June 2010 in instrument you use now, a "William Dowd after Mietke, Paris (France)" of 1984, and always carefully prepared presentation of the discs in this with pictures of some Japanese works Yoshiyuki Miura displayed in the headquarters Munich-based record label. Cosme De's writing deserves mention: "Aaron sets out to offer a veritable feast of great music, played with energy, intensity and fantasy expression. This is a key concert becomes an overwhelming feast for the senses by his freshness and imagination ".
The repertoire chosen from previous work very hard but it comes at a time of full maturity (professional and personal), is based on two "key composers" in the first half of XVII: Froberger and Frescobaldi, which always sound new, different, doing wonders of timbre of the instrument capability with a subtle push reels clear melodies and accompaniments never thickeners. Splendid performance in each of the 22 cuts that make the recording, and a catalog and set of dances of the time where I particularly loved the "Hungarian ballet" of Giovanni Picchi, relying on less known but equally important and abundant literature for harpsichord on the fingers of a harpsichordist Asturian that rubs shoulders with the best .
Thanks for these gifts .


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